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Dive Shop in Webster, TX

Unforgettable scuba experiences are what we do best at Sport Divers of Houston! We are the oldest dive shop in Webster, TX, serving as a one-stop shop for scuba divers for over 40 years. Whether you’re interested in getting your certification for scuba diving, taking a diving trip, or are shopping for equipment, we’re here to assist. Visit our store today!

Certification Classes

Divers of all skill levels are welcome at our scuba diving certification classes. All our courses are taught by professionals who will teach you everything you need to know about scuba diving. We also teach all age groups, as well as teach a kid’s scuba camp annually. Learn how to get your scuba certification by contacting us today!

Diving Trips

New adventures await you with Sport Divers of Houston. We’re constantly taking divers on incredible scuba trips around the area. Learn more about our upcoming trips by contacting our team at (281) 338-1611 today!

Diving Equipment

Sport Divers of Houston has everything you need for a successful diving trip. Whether you need to update your gear or you’re buying scuba gear for the first time, our product selection and knowledgeable store representatives will help you find exactly what you need.


SCUBA Diving Certifications

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Yearly Equipment Inspections

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SCUBA Equipment Repairs

We take care of most brands, contact us for specifics.